Success Stories

We guessed that there was plenty of talent out there and we were right. A whole lot of people came on a long way in a short time when we held our recent Workshop. What they achieved deserves a wider audience.

We are sure that there's many more of you who can achieve the same. For details of our next Workshop and how to sign up, click here.

Success Stories


I really appreciated
the kindness and the
availability of all the team.
It will remain burnt in my
memory as an enriching
and unforgettable
Altogether, I was
very impressed with
the workshop. The cost
was fair and Petter taught
thoroughly and professionally
on all of the topics I sought
covered. Also, the models were
very generous with us less
experienced photographers
and gave a sense of
professionalism adding to the
learning experience.
Ohio, USA
I felt the workshop
was an honest, worthwhile
and eye-opening experience.
I just want to thank Petter,
Santi and the rest of the
people involved in putting
this together for us.
I had a great time!
Calgary, CANADA

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